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Topic: Emerging Technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT)


A New Objective Function for RPL Based on Combined Metrics in Mobile IoT
Hassan Echoukairi*, Ali Ouacha, Jawad Oubaha, and Mohamed El Ghmary

Resource-Efficient Coverage Path Planning for UAV-Based Aerial IoT Gateway
Nurul Saliha A. Ibrahim* and Faiz A. Saparudin

Performance of LTE Advanced for Different Releases
Raed S. M. Daraghma * and Arafat A. A. Shabaneh

Smart Non-invasive Physiological Parameter Monitoring System Using IoT and Blynk App
Sathya P.* and Rajalakshmi S.


A Semantic-Based Middleware for Supporting Heterogeneity and Context-Awareness Within IoT Applications
Mohammed Lamnaour*, Moundir Raiss, Yasser Mesmoudi, Yasser El Khamlichi, Abderrahim Tahiri, and Abdellah Touhafi

Internet of Things: Security, Issues, Threats, and Assessment of Different Cryptographic Technologies
Mostafa Raeisi-Varzaneh, Omar Dakkak*, Hashem Alaidaros, and ─░sa Avci

Buffer-Aided Cooperative Relays in Orbital Angular Momentum Based IoT Networks
Mohammad Alkhawatrah