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A Developed IoT Platform-Based Data Repository for Smart Farming Applications

Dlnya Abdulahad Aziz 1*, Razieh Asgarnezhad 2, Ali Ali Saber 3, and Sameer Alani 4
1. Department of Computer Engineering, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
2. Department of Computer Engineering, Aghigh Institute of Higher Education Shahinshahr, 8314678755, Isfahan, Iran
3. Computer Technology Engineering, College of Engineering Technology, Al-Kitab University, Iraq
4. Department of Law, College of Law, University of Mashreq, Baghdad, Iraq

Manuscript received October 17, 2022; revised November 15, 2022, accepted November 28, 2022.

Abstract—Generally, it is possible to increase agricultural output while decreasing the time required for human oversight by automating routine tasks. In this work, the Internet of things (IoT) played a vital role in designing a platform to monitor a farm wirelessly, reducing human involvement, allowing remote observing, and remote control of the design using a public IP address based cross-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl (XAMPP) Apache package. A cloud is appealing when a wireless sensor network generates a lot of data. Cloud-based wireless communication systems are being tested to monitor and manage a set of sensors and actuators to estimate paddy (rice) water requirements in a particular location. The proposed design shows robust interaction between two microcontrollers to deal with different sensors and simultaneously act as a WiFi unit. The row data obtained from the sensors is uploaded to the cloud through specific Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) files to store and fetch the data from the database. Through the programming method, the system focuses on tracking the paddy growing value and the amount of water available in the soil, which should be around (10 Kpa) for an optimum paddy environment. The results emphasized that 80% of water is retained when a maximal 10 Kpa of soil moisture is achieved.
Keywords—Smart irrigation system, automatic plant watering, intelligent farming system, IoT-based monitoring systems, data warehousing, paddy production

Cite: Dlnya Abdulahad Aziz, Razieh Asgarnezhad, Mohammed Sulaiman Mustafa, Ali Ali Saber, and Sameer Alani, "A Developed IoT Platform-Based Data Repository for Smart Farming Applications," Journal of Communications vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 187-197, March 2023. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.18.3.187-197

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