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Intent-Based Slicing between Containers in SDN Overlay Network

Adeel Rafiq, Asif Mehmood, and Wang-Cheol Song
Computer Engineering, Jeju, South Korea

Abstract—Container-based service orchestration is getting famous increasingly because of its ability to be deployed quickly and it is cheaper as well as more reliable when compared to virtual machines. Leveraging the container characteristic, deployment of 5G modules as a group of containers on different nodes is an excellent solution to construct a 5g system. In a 5G system, network slicing plays a vital role to isolate the on-demand services and the SDN based overlay network consisting of containers provides the platform which manages to slice the network using intent-based networking. As the number of containers in a deployment increases on hosts across the overlay network with the passage of time in the 5G network, therefore it is necessary to manage them with the tool in a straight way with high-level abstraction. In this paper, we present the deployment of an overlay network which consists of Kubernetes nodes and Open vSwitch. In this paper, we also present the intent-based slicing system using Software Defined Network controller and an Intent-Based Networking (IBN) Manager among the containers across the Kubernetes pods in an overlay network.
Index Terms—Containers, kubernetes, software-defined network, slicing, intent-based networking, overlay networking
Cite: Adeel Rafiq, Asif Mehmood, and Wang-Cheol Song, "Intent-Based Slicing between Containers in SDN Overlay Network," Journal of Communications vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 237-244, March 2020. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.15.3.237-244

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