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Time-Reversal UWB Wireless Communication-Based Train Control in Tunnel

Hassane Saghir1,2, Marc Heddebaut2, Fouzia Elbahhar2, Atika Rivenq1, and Jean Michel Rouvaen1
1. IEMN-DOAE, University of Valenciennes, Valenciennes, France.
2INRETS-LEOST, French national institute for transport and safety research, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

Abstract— This paper reports an evaluation of UWB radio technology and Time-Reversal (TR) technique in tunnel environments for train-to-wayside communication. UWB technology has the potential to offer simultaneous ground-to-train communication, train location and obstacle detection in front of the trains. Time-Reversal channel pre-filtering facilitates signal detection and helps reduce interference. Thus, UWB-TR combination provides a challenging, eco¬nomically sensible, as well as technically effective alternative solution to existing signaling technologies used in urban transport systems. This paper deals with deterministic chan¬nel modeling and its characterization in tunnel environment. It reports simulation performance evaluation of UWB-TR combinations in the developed channel model.

Index Terms— UWB, time-reversal, channel modeling, ray tracing, railway systems, CBTC, tunnel, propagation.

Cite:Hassane Saghir , Marc Heddebaut , Fouzia Elbahhar , Atika Rivenq , and Jean Michel Rouvaen, "Time-Reversal UWB Wireless Communication-Based Train Control in Tunnel," Journal of Communications, vol. 4, no.4, pp.248-256, 2009.