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Modeling and Understanding MIMO propagation in Tunnels

Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo1, Martine Lienard2, Paul Stefanut2, and Pierre Degauque2
1. Technical University of Cartagena, Dep. TIC, Cartagena, Spain
2. Martine Lienard, Paul Stefanut and Pierre Degauque University of Lille, IEMN/TELICE, Lille, France

Abstract—This paper first presents an application of the modal theory for interpreting experimental results of the electromagnetic field variation along a tunnel. The transmitting frequency is assumed to be high enough so that the tunnel behaves as an oversized waveguide. Then, for a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output channel, theoretical results of the channel capacity are given. To explain the decrease of the capacity at large distance from the transmitter, even by assuming a constant signal to noise ratio, an approach based on the calculation of the eigenvalues of the transfer matrix in a reference scenario is described.

Index Terms — MIMO, propagation, information theory, modal theory, measurements.

Cite:Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo, Martine Lienard, Paul Stefanut and Pierre Degauque, "Modeling and Understanding MIMO propagation in Tunnels ," Journal of Communications, vol. 4, no.4, pp.241-247, 2009.