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Heart Failure monitoring system based on Wearable and Information Technologies

E. Villalba1, M.T. Arredondo1, M. Ottaviano1, and D. Salvi1, E. Hoyo-Barbolla1, and S. Guillen2
1. Life Supporting Technologies, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
2. Health and Wellbeing Technologies R&D, ITACA Institute, Valencia, Spain

Abstract—In Europe, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) arethe leading source of death, causing 45% of all deceases.Besides, Heart Failure, the paradigm of CVD, mainly affectspeople older than 65. In the current aging society, theEuropean MyHeart Project was created, whose mission is toempower citizens to fight CVD by leading a preventivelifestyle and being able to be diagnosed at an early stage.This paper presents the development of a Heart FailureManagement System, based on daily monitoring of VitalBody Signals, with wearable and mobile technologies, for thecontinuous assessment of this chronic disease. The Systemmakes use of the latest technologies for monitoring heartcondition, both with wearable garments (e.g. for measuringECG and Respiration); and portable devices (such asWeight Scale and Blood Pressure Cuff) both with Bluetoothcapabilities.

Index Terms—wearable systems, Bluetooth sensors, webservices, health monitoring, personalized applications

Cite: E. Villalba, M.T. Arredondo, M. Ottaviano, D. Salvi, E. Hoyo-Barbolla, and S. Guillen, "Heart Failure monitoring system based on Wearable and Information Technologies," Journal of Communications, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 10-21, 2007.