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HealthGear: Automatic Sleep Apnea Detection and Monitoring with a Mobile Phone

Nuria Oliver and Fernando Flores-Mangas
Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA

Abstract — We present HealthGear, a real-timewearable system for monitoring, visualizing and analyzingphysiological signals. HealthGear consists of a set ofnon-invasive physiological sensors wirelessly connectedvia Bluetooth to a cell phone which stores, transmits andanalyzes the physiological data, and presents it to theuser in an intelligible way. In this paper, we focus on animplementation of HealthGear using a blood oximeterto monitor the user’s blood oxygen level and pulse whilesleeping. We also describe two different algorithms forautomatically detecting sleep apnea events, and illustratethe performance of the overall system in a sleep studywith 20 volunteers.

Index Terms—Wearable physiological sensors and monitoring,sleep apnea, mobile devices, pattern recognition ofphysiological signals.

Cite: Nuria Oliver and Fernando Flores-Mangas, "HealthGear: Automatic Sleep Apnea Detection and Monitoring with a Mobile Phone," Journal of Communications, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 1-9, 2007.