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Enhancing Secrecy Rate of UE with Dynamic Authentication and Access Control in 5G Communication Networks

Sakthibalan P. and Devarajan K.
Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar -608002, Tamil Nadu

Abstract—In this paper, a dynamic access control and authentication framework for administering secrecy in 5G communication networks is presented. The framework is modeled to support both integrated and independent communication modes of user equipment with the heterogeneous access platform. Authentication framework is extended for normalized and time stamp based communication to mitigate the outage and delay constraints caused due to adversaries. The mode of communication authentication is secured on the basis of slot allocation and attribute based feature analysis. The authentication parameters are updated for both anomalies and legitimate user for ease of classification. The proposed method is found to achieve better secrecy through session key and attribute based authentication that is flexible for extended communications as well. The performance of the proposed framework is analyzed using the metrics: security and secrecy rate, outage probability and connection latency.
Index Terms—5G communication networks, attribute based security, session key, slot allocation, user authentication

Cite: Sakthibalan P. and Devarajan K., “Enhancing Secrecy Rate of UE with Dynamic Authentication and Access Control in 5G Communication Networks,”Journal of Communications vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 178-184, February 2020. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.15.2.178-184

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