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Adapting the Appropriate RTT Timeout of TCP NewReno in Submarine Communication Networks

Hajar. Bennouri 1, Amine. Berqia 1, and N'Guessan Koffi Patrick 2
1. Smart Systems Laboratory (SSL) ENSIAS, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Rabat, Morocco
2. Atos-France, Grenoble, France

Abstract—In the future, aquaculture and aquaponics could play a more important role to meet the increasing demand of a growing world population and meet future demand for food. Underwater Wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) are increasingly used to measure various water parameters in order to monitor the evolution of an aquaculture. Adapting this system network in this environment requires several studies for reliable communication. This work is the continuation of many improving studies of the performance of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in marine environment. It aims at adapting the NewReno TCP in an UWSN by finding the appropriate parameters. Moreover, in this paper we deal with another parameter in order to evaluate its effect on the performance of this TCP in UWSNs. We propose a performance improvement of the NewReno TCP by fitting the Round Time Trip (RTT) value in accordance with the UWSN characteristics. This new adaptation is simulated on the environment of the Aqua-sim simulator of Ns2 tool. The results show that with the new parameter setting of NewReno TCP, performances in terms of packet transmission gain and packet delivery retransmission rates give better results compared to those obtained while using the original NewReno TCP protocol in a UWSN.
Index Terms—TCP, TCP NewReno, RTT, UWSNs, ns2, Aqua-sim

Cite: Hajar. Bennouri, Amine. Berqia, and N'Guessan Koffi Patrick, “Adapting the Appropriate RTT Timeout of TCP NewReno in Submarine Communication Networks,”Journal of Communications vol. 14, no. 12, pp. 1191-1197, 2019. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.14.12.1191-1197