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SDN Implementation in Data Center Network

Tariq Emad Ali 1, Mohammed A. Abdala 2,Ameer Hussein Morad1
1. University of Baghdad / Al-Khwarizmi College of Eng. / Dept. of Information and Communication Eng., Baghdad, Iraq
2. Al-Hussain University College, Karbala, Iraq

Abstract—Current requirements in the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are guiding new challenges to the future Internet, for which universal availability, large bandwidth utilization, and dynamic management are critical. However, traditional methods, where a manual configuration of branded devices is used, are complex and fallible. Recently, the development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) as an optimal solution, has used to manage additional effective configuration, enhanced performance, and more flexibility to deal with huge network designs. It decoupling the control plane from the data plane and submitting a standard interface (OpenFlow) between the control plane and the networking devices (data plane). The software used to maintain the implementation of SDN completely. Thus, a programmatic command is controlling the performance of network devices. 

Index Terms—OpenDayLight; DCN; SDN; API; OpenFlow.

Cite: Tariq Emad Ali, Mohammed A. Abdala, and Ameer Hussein Morad, "SDN Implementation in Data Center Network," Journal of Communications, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 223-228, 2019. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.14.3.223-228.