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Using Gridding Symmetric Encryption for Location Privacy Protection

Ruilin Lai 1, Tao Wang 2, and Yan Zhen Chen 1
1. School of Internet Finance and Information Engineering, Guangdong University of Finance, Guangzhou 510520, China
2. Department of Network Security, Barclays Bank, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 2EP, United Kingdom

Abstract—Recently, the major model of location privacy protection is TTP (trusted third party) [1], [2]. However, once the TTP is untrusted or attacked, terminal users have the risk of location privacy leaking. Aiming at the above problems, a GSE scheme (Gridding Symmetric Encryption) comprehensive using gridded coordinate automatic processing and order reserving encryption mechanism is proposed. In gridding operation, the third party does not know exact position of users or destination. In symmetric encrypted operation, the third party also does not know the information of user identity or interest point. In ordered reserving operation, the third party only needs comparison simply. Finally simulation experiment shows the performance of GSE including time cost and communication cost is more efficient.
Index Terms—Cloud computing, gridding system, symmetric encryption, location privacy, order reservation

Cite: Ruilin Lai, Tao Wang, and Yan Zhen Chen, "Using Gridding Symmetric Encryption for Location Privacy Protection," Journal of Communications, vol. 13, no. 11, pp. 673-678, 2018. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.13.11.673-678