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An Application for Monitoring and Analysis of HTTP Communications

Manh Cong Tran 1, Minh Hieu Nguyen 2, and Thi Quang Nguyen 1
1. Le Quy Don Technical University, 236 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi, Vietnam
2. Academy of Cryptography Techniques, 141 Chien Thang, Hanoi, Vietnam

Abstract—The World Wide Web is the most prevalence information system on the Internet. That makes HTTP protocol becomes attractive target for cybercrimes take it as communication environment to transmit malicious contents or forbidden information such as user private information. This raises the demand for monitoring and analysis of HTTP traffic in network. In this paper, monitoring features are extracted from HTTP basic properties, based on these an application for monitoring and analysis of HTTP communications is proposed. The system will help network and system administrators to early detect threads in HTTP environment by clustering and identifying HTTP traffic. From there, necessary and suitable decides will be acted.
Index Terms—Monitor, analysis, clustering, cybercrime, malicious

Cite: Manh Cong Tran, Minh Hieu Nguyen, and Thi Quang Nguyen, " An Application for Monitoring and Analysis of HTTP Communications," Journal of Communications, vol. 13, no. 8, pp. 456-462, 2018. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.13.8.456-462.