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Developing Communication Network through Online System among the Cooperatives in Transmigration Areas in Indonesia

Wawan Lulus Setiawan
Indonesia Institute of Cooperative Management (IKOPIN), Bandung 40600, Indonesia

Abstract—Transmigration is a program created by the Indonesian government to move people from a densely populated area to other areas within Indonesia. To support the transmigration program, cooperative institutions are used as economic institutions of transmigrants, so that they can manage their economic activities on self reliance basis. Since 2017, the technique of online system was introduced to cooperatives in transmigration areas to speed up and simplify networking. However, the behavioral transformation (in term of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domain) of transmigrants from the existing traditional conditions to modern management with online-based systems is not easy. The existence of a gap between the two conditions requires an appropriate method of communication in education. Using the participatory action research, this qualitative study finds that method of assistance could improve the competence of transmigrants. This resulted in the improvement of the business performance of the cooperative gradually, so that it has implications for policies of developing the program in other transmigration areas in Indonesia.
Index Terms—Transmigration, online-system, cooperative, communication in education, diffusion of innovation

Cite: Wawan Lulus Setiawan, " Developing Communication Network Through Online System Among the Cooperatives in Transmigration Areas in Indonesia," Journal of Communications, vol. 13, no. 8, pp. 422-429, 2018. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.13.8.422-429.