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JCM 2024 Vol.19(4): 204-210
Doi: 10.12720/jcm.19.4.204-210

Design of Microstrip Patch H-Notch Antenna for Vehicle Using Array Systems

Raed S. M. Daraghma
Department of Telecommunication Technology Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Palestine Technical University, Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarm, Palestine
Email: R.daraghmeh@ptuk.edu.ps (R.S.M.D.)

Manuscript received November 1, 2023; revised December 1, 2023; accepted December 13, 2023; published April 17, 2024.

Abstract—The need for micro antennas is growing as Internet of Things (IoT) applications spread quickly in today’s communication systems. Due of their interoperability, Microstrip patch antennas are frequently employed in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The suggested antenna is made on a single side of high-quality Teflon substrate and has a small, dimension 17.1917.80.933 mm3; the antenna can be utilized for IoT applications because it is made to operate at a frequency of 5.9 GHz. It is made up of an array of H shapes and is intended to be integrated into an IoT gadget as integrated antenna. Thus, in this work, rectangular Microstrip Patch H-Notch antenna is designed and the performance was analysed. The antenna resonant frequency range was 5.9 GHz, which is appropriate for IoT applications. The antenna was designed with Teflon substrate material. For this work, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software was used as simulation software. In this work, two types of antennae were designed, which was conventional Microstrip H-notch antenna and rectangular Microstrip antenna containing Array-shaped structure. The performance of these two antennas was compared in terms of bandwidth, gain and return of loss. The key results of this work showed that the optimized Array-shaped antenna improved the bandwidth, gain and return of loss compared to the conventional antenna. In addition, the optimized antenna achieved operating frequency of 5.9 GHz, which is suitable for IoT applications.

Keywords—Microstrip Patch H-Notch, Internet of Things (IoT), Bandwidth

Cite: Raed S. M. Daraghma, “Design of Microstrip Patch H-Notch Antenna for Vehicle Using Array Systems," Journal of Communications, vol. 19, no. 4, pp. 204-210, 2024.

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