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An Analysis and Comparison of CDN-P2P-hybrid Content Delivery System and Model

Zhihui Lu 1, Ye Wang 2, and Yang Richard Yang 2
1. School of Computer Science, Fudan Universiy, Shanghai, 200433, China
2. Department of Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA

Abstract-In order to fully utilize the stable edge transmission capability of CDN and the scalable last-mile transmission capability of P2P, while at the same time avoiding ISP-unfriendly policies and unlimited usage of P2P delivery, some researches have begun focusing on CDN-P2P-hybrid architecture and ISP-friendly P2P content delivery technology in recent years. In this paper, we first survey CDN-P2P-hybrid architecture technology, including current industry efforts and academic efforts in this field. Second, we make comparisons between CDN and P2P. And then we explore and analyze main issues, including overlay route hybrid issues, and playing buffer hybrid issues. After that we focus on CDN-P2P-hybrid model analysis and design, we compare the tightly-coupled hybrid model with the loosely-coupled hybrid model, and we propose that there are some main common models which need further study. At last, we analyze the prospective research direction and propose our future work.

Keywords-CDN, P2P, P2P Streaming, CDN-P2P-hybrid Architecture, Live Streaming, VoD Streaming

Cite:ZhiHui Lu, Ye Wang, and Yang Richard Yang , "An Analysis and Comparison of CDN-P2P-hybrid Content Delivery System and Modelms," Journal of Communications, vol. 7, no.3, pp.232-245, 2012. Doi: 10.4304/jcm.7.3.232-245