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A Menu-driven Interface for a Geolocation Database for Wireless Spectrum Sharing

Armie E. Pakzad 1, Xavier Francis B. Asuncion 1, Joshua Vincent G. Ligayo 1, Raine Mattheus C. Manuel 1, Jerrick Spencer K. Uy 1, and Lawrence Materum 1,2
1. De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
2. Tokyo City University, Tokyo, Japan

Abstract—Spectrum sharing is of paramount importance in television white space (TVWS) wireless communications. Secondary users must ensure that their operation in any TV channel does not interfere with the transmission of the primary users and other secondary users. This paper presents a menu-driven interface (MDI) which a secondary user inquirer may utilize to determine the TV channels available. The MDI utilizes a reinforcement learning-based algorithm and an interference indicator to determine the availability of each TV channel for secondary use. The algorithm utilized a set of parameters to provide accurate data on the availability of the channel. These parameters include time, location, and the receiving antenna parameters. The algorithm was able to produce an accuracy of 94.69% in determining the availability of the channel based on the broadcasting time of primary users (PUs) and an accuracy of 84.38% based on four tested locations.
Index Terms—Television white space, spectrum sharing, Geo-location Database, Menu-driven Interface, Co-existence

Cite: Armie E. Pakzad, Xavier Francis B. Asuncion, Joshua Vincent G. Ligayo, Raine Mattheus C. Manuel, Jerrick Spencer K. Uy, and Lawrence Materum, "A Menu-driven Interface for a Geolocation Database for Wireless Spectrum Sharing," Journal of Communications vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 56-62, January 2022. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.17.1.56-62

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