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Resource Allocation in Downlink MIMO-OFDMA with Proportional Fairness

Bin Da and Chi Chung Ko
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering National University of Singapore

Abstract—A new scheme for MIMO-OFDMA (Multiple Input Multiple Output -Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) downlink resource allocation is presented in this paper.  It has an objective of maximizing the total system capacity while having constraints on the total available power and proportional fairness. Dominant eigen¬channels obtained from MIMO state matrix are used to formulate this scheme with low complexity. It gives a tradeoff strategy among system capacity, computational complexity and proportional fairness. Simulation results show that this new adaptive allocation scheme can provide much better capacity gain than static allocation methods while achieve near optimal fairness of rate distribution with a linear complexity. As a result, it may be suitable for fulfilling diverse QoS requirements of MIMO-OFDMA systems.

Index Terms—adaptive resource allocation, SISO/MIMO¬OFDMA, diverse QoS requirements

Cite: Bin Da and Chi Chung Ko , "Resource Allocation in Downlink MIMO-OFDMA with Proportional Fairness  ," Journal of Communications, vol. 4, no.1, pp.8-13, 2009. 

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