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Experimental Analysis of VoIP over Wireless Local Area Networks

Abderrahmane Lakas and Mohammed Boulmalf
UAE University, CIT, Al Ain, UAE

Abstract—VoIP is a rapidly growing technology thatenables the transport of voice over data networks such asthe public Internet. VoIP became a viable alternative tothe public switched telephone networks (PSTNs). Inparallel, a dramatic increase is happening in thedeployment of Wireless Local Areas Networks (WLAN)in buildings and corporate campuses. Nowadays, WLANis mostly used for ordinary data services such as webbrowsing, file transfer and electronic mail. However, withthe emerging usage of VoIP telephony, WLAN are soughtto be used as an access infrastructure for enabling suchapplications. One of the issues of using VoIP over WLANis the effects caused by users roaming within and betweenWLAN subnets during a VoIP session. The latency andthe jitter are greatly impacted when the control of themobile node is handed over from one access point (AP) toanother one. This poses a challenge to providing andpreserving QoS for VoIP users in WLAN environments.In this paper, we propose to study and measure the effectof the handover for both intra and inter mobility for VoIPtraffic.

Index Terms—VoIP, WLAN, Handover, Voice quality,Wireless mobility

Cite: Abderrahmane Lakas and Mohammed Boulmalf, "Experimental Analysis of VoIP over Wireless Local Area Networks," Journal of Communications, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 3-9, 2007.