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Topic: Emerging Technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected digital devices, machines, objects, animals or people provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transmit and share data over the network without the need of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The topics include but not limited to:

► Communication standards and protocols for IoT

► IoT and telecommunication technologies

► Wireless sensor network security on the Internet of Things

► Industrial IoT and technologies

► Tiny wearable devices and smart home appliances

► Smart IoT devices

► Smart home

► Smart city

► Smart grids

► IoT radio technologies and solutions

► RFID technology for IoT

► IoT applications in healthcare

► Smart retail with IoT embedded systems

► Supply chains with IoT enabled system

► IoT applications in smart farming

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Topic: Communication and Networking Technologies for UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are inevitable to meet the requirements of future wireless networks. Recently, researchers have investigated diverse issues related to UAV-assisted networks (including placement of UAVs, resource management, and spectrum sharing). The exponential increase in the usage of UAVs in various realms of societal and military applications, including healthcare, smart grid surveillance, disaster management, smart city monitoring, border surveillance, etc. The topics include but are not limited to:

► Communication Protocol for UAVs

► Intelligent communication architecture for UAVs

► Security and privacy issues in UAV-based networks

► Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer techniques in UAV-assisted networks

► The designing and deployment of a UAV-supported 5G network.

► UAV-enabled Wireless Powered Communication Networks

► Resource Management for UAVs

► Energy consumption and deployment of UAVs

► Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in UAV-based communication networks

► UAV-assisted mobile edge computing systems

► Cognitive multi-unmanned aerial vehicle-assisted networks

► Secure networking of UAVs underlying 5G communications

► Communication and Networking Technologies for UAVs

► UAV-assisted cooperative Maritime communication systems

► UAVs in military communications

► Developments and challenges on UAVs


Topic: Next Generation Network: Challenge and Future

The Next Generation Network will support tens of thousands of intelligent devices and provide more secure and efficient data application services, especially the 6G technology. 6G is expected to extend 5G capabilities to higher levels where millions of connected devices and applications could operate seamlessly with trust, low-latency and high-bandwidth.The topics include but are not limited to:

► Intelligent Network Architecture for 6G
► Communication-Aware Computing for 6G
► Key drivers and technologies for 6G
► Quantum communications for 6G
► Integrating space and terrestrial networks for 6G
► Terahertz communications
► AI-enabled intelligent 6G networks
► Holographic MIMO surfaces for 6G networks
► Satellite integration for 5G/6G
► Network design and resource allocation for 6G 
► Modeling and analysis of integrating communication, computation and caching for 6G
► Computation offloading for 6G
► AI for edge caching for 6G
► Resource management and cross-layer design for 6G
► AI-inspired secure and intelligent resource management for  6G
► Efficient architecture and new protocol design for 6G wireless systems
► Intelligent data processing, communication protocol , and integration system for 6G
► Performance analysis and evaluation for intelligent 6G systems
► Implementation/testbed/deployment for 6G systems
► 6G enabled massive IoT networks