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Power Line Communication Channel Modelling through Concatenated IIR-Filter Elements

Lars T. Berger and Gabriel Moreno-Rodr′ıguez
Department of R&D System Architecture, Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2), Paterna, Spain

Abstract— Accurate power line channel models are an es¬sential asset for the development of advanced power line communication systems. A physically based power line communication channel model is derived. Elements within a power line network, e.g. line discontinuities, branches, and loads, are modelled as IIR-filters. The transfer function of the overall channel is calculated by concatenating the transfer functions of the individual elements. In a second step time variation is modelled through impedance changes of network loads. It is shown that wide band load impedance measurements over the period of an AC mains-cycle can be easily integrated to deliver a deterministic cyclostationary power line channel model.

Index Terms— Cyclostationarity, impedance change, infi¬nite impulse response, power line channel modelling, load impedance, transmission line

Cite:Lars T. Berger and Gabriel Moreno-Rodr´ıguez, "Power Line Communication Channel Modelling through Concatenated IIR-Filter Elements ," Journal of Communications, vol. 4, no.1, pp.41-51, 2009.


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