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A Survey on Decentralized Flocking Schemes for a Set of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Naixue Xiong1,2, Jing He2, Yan Yang3, Yanxiang He4, Tai-hoon Kim5, and Chuan Lin6
1. School of Computer Science & Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Engineering, China
2. Department of Computer Science, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA
3. Department of Computer Science, Western Illinois University, IL, USA
4. School of Computer, Wuhan University, 430079, Wuhan, China
5. Division of Multimedia Engineering, Hannam University, Korea
6. School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University, China

Abstract—Recently, control and coordination of a set of autonomous mobile robots has been paid a lot of attentions, because the cooperation of simple robots offers several advantages, such as redundancy and flexibility, and allows performing hard tasks that could be impossible for one single robot. There are a lot of interesting applications of multiple robots, such as satellite exploration and surveillance missions.
The characteristic of simplicity of mobile robots brings potential wide applications; however this characteristic also lead to crash with higher probability during cooperation, especially in harsh environment. Surprisingly, only few researches consider the fault tolerance of mobile robots, especially for dynamic coordination application---robot flocking.
In this paper, we summarize the existed flocking algorithms and discuss their characteristics. Then we briefly described our fault tolerant flocking algorithms in different models. Finally we proposed the potential future research directions for dynamic flocking of a group of mobile robots. In all, this work can provide a good reference for the researchers working on dynamic cooperation of robots in distributed system.

Index Terms—Mobile robots, fault tolerance, flocking, formation generation, collision avoidance

Cite: Naixue Xiong, Jing He, Yan Yang, Yanxiang He, Tai-hoon Kim, and Chuan Lin, "A Survey on Decentralized Flocking Schemes for a Set of Autonomous Mobile Robots," Journal of Communications, vol. 5, no. 1, pp.31-38, 2010. Doi: 10.4304/jcm.5.1.31-38


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