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AFP - an Adaptive Fragmentation Protocol Supporting Large Datagram Transmissions

Michael Schulze, Philipp Werner, Georg Lukas, and J¨org Kaiser
Department of Distributed Systems, University of Magdeburg Germany

Abstract—Transferring datagrams is essential for a lot of tasks. If the data does not fit into one network packet, fragmentation is needed. We propose a fragmentation pro¬tocol that adapts to different MTUs and to the datagram size, ensuring efficient bandwidth utilization. The protocol is extensible to allow tailoring to network and application demands. Thus, it is suitable for deploying it in various scenarios and under different conditions, whereas other protocols do not scale well. We demonstrate the applicability on low-end embedded devices and in a tele-operated robot scenario. Additionally, we analyze the scalability of our protocol, evaluate the induced overhead for different MTUs and datagram sizes, and compare it to other fragmentation protocols.

Cite:Michael Schulze, Philipp Werner, Georg Lukas, and  Jörg Kaiser, "AFP - an Adaptive Fragmentation Protocol Supporting Large Datagram Transmissions," Journal of Communications, vol. 6, no.3, pp.240-248, 2011. Doi: 10.4304/jcm.6.3.240-248

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