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SIDMAP:A Service-oriented Mapping System for Loc/ID split Internet Naming

Daochao Huang, Dong Yang1, Fei Song, and Hongke Zhang
National Engineering Lab for Next Generation Internet Interconnection Devices
School of Electronic and Information Engineering,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044, China

Abstract— While locator/identifier split makes Internet rout¬ing more scalable, the promise of a mapping system that resolves a service to corresponding location is yet to be realized. Part of the challenge is due to most current approaches only focusing on how to find the location of a host, not the location of a service, which make these systems rely on extra naming system to provide applications the requested service’s location and introduce complex load interactions between the locator/identifier mapping system and naming system. Another challenge is due to the vast majority of current Internet usage changed from host-centric applications to data retrieval and service ac¬cess, traditional domain name system (DNS) is unable to support today’s Internet needs such as service migration and composition. We introduce SIDMAP–a novel,efficient service-oriented naming scheme for incorporating service identifier/identifier mapping system thatreturns appropriate locatorsinresponseto mappingrequestsfor specific service identifiers,service migration and service composition into one system. According to the result of evaluations, our mechanism has good scalability and low resolution latency.

Index Terms— naming system,service composition, service migration,identifier,locator

Cite:Daochao Huang, Dong Yang, Fei Song, and Hongke Zhang, "SIDMAP:A Service-oriented Mapping System for Loc/ID split Internet Naming," Journal of Communications, vol. 6, no.8, pp.601-609, 2011. Doi: 10.4304/jcm.6.8.601-609

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