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Energy Efficient Routing to Improve Lifetime in MANET: A Clustering Approach

Chinmoy Kalita and Parag Kumar Guha Thakurta
CSE, NIT Durgapur, Durgapur 713209, India
Abstract—The energy aware routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is now a critical issue due to limited battery power of mobile devices. A cluster based energy efficient routing for MANET is proposed here to improve the network lifetime. The clusters of the nodes in the network are obtained by assigning priority for each of the nodes. Using this priority, a cluster head (CH) is selected after successive iterations. Based on this clustering, a routing method is proposed in order to select the best possible energy efficient paths bypassing link breakages for data delivery. It includes the amount of residual energy and the data packet size under consideration for obtaining improved network lifetime. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme as compared to the existing routing protocols in terms of several performance metrics.
Index Terms—MANET, energy aware, clustering, lifetime, routing

Cite: Chinmoy Kalita and Parag Kumar Guha Thakurta, "Energy Efficient Routing to Improve Lifetime in MANET: A Clustering Approach," Journal of Communications, vol. 13, no. 11, pp. 679-684, 2018. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.13.11.679-684
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