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Dynamic Counter Angle-Based Broadcasting in CSMA-Based Wireless Networks

Sun Jin1 and Ma Chengqian2
1.University of Science & Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, P. R. China
2.National University of Defense Technology, Wuhan 430014, P .R .China
Abstract—Building efficient ad hoc networks for wireless communications is challenging due to the dynamic nature of the hosts. Broadcast services in ad-hoc networks are critical to supporting various applications and protocols. However, the traditional broadcast protocol has caused the notorious "broadcast storm" problem in mobile wireless self-organizing networks. This phenomenon has been shown to greatly increase the network communication overhead and end-to-end delay. Various counter-based schemes have been proposed to mitigate the impact of this inherent phenomenon. In this article, authors propose a new Dynamic Counter Angle-based Broadcast Scheme (DCABS) that can dynamically compute the forwarding threshold at a node based on its neighborhood information. Experimental model assumes a CSMA-based static multi-hop ad-hoc network. Simulation results show that the new broadcast scheme achieves superior performance in terms of retransmitting nodes, business volume, throughput, and end-to-end average transmission delay without sacrificing reachability compared to the existing schemes.

Index Terms—Angle-based broadcasting, broadcast storm, counter, wireless ad-hoc network.

Cite: Sun Jin and Ma Chengqian, "Dynamic Counter Angle-Based Broadcasting in CSMA-Based Wireless Networks," Journal of Communications, vol. 13, no. 9, pp. 490-497, 2018. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.13.9.490-497.
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