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An Optimal Cloud Based Road Traffic Management System with Novel VM Machine Migration Technique

Md Rafeeq 1, C. Sunil Kumar 2, and N. Subhash Chandra 3
1. CMR Technical Campus, Kandlakoya, medchal, hyd-501401, TS, India
2. SNIST, Yamnampet, Ghatkesar, Hyd 501301, TS-India
3. HITS, Keesara, Bogaram, Rangareddy - 501301, TS-India
Abstract—With the tremendous growth of population and the increasing road traffic, the demand for optimized traffic data collection and management framework is also increasing. The collection of traffic data using multiple sensors and other capture devices are been addressed in multiple researches deploying the mechanism using geodetically static sensor agents. Nevertheless to avoid the congestion, the parallel research works has proposed frameworks based on cloud based data centers. Thought, those approaches does not propose any technique to reduce the cost and improve the service level agreements to match with the current industry and research demands. Thus, this work proposes a cloud based automatized framework for virtual machine migration to increase the SLA without compromising the cost for storage and energy. The major achievement of this work is to minimize the SLA violation compared to existing virtual machine migration techniques for load balancing. The extensive practical demonstrations of virtualization and migration benefits are also carried out in this work. With the extensive experimental setup the work furnishes the comparative analysis of simulations for popular existing techniques and the proposed framework. 

Index Terms—Three phase optimal migration, SLA improvement, VM image formats, cost comparison, performance evaluation matrix

Cite: Md Rafeeq, C. Sunil Kumar, and N. Subhash Chandra, "An Optimal Cloud Based Road Traffic Management System with Novel VM Machine Migration Technique," Journal of Communications, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 298-303, 2017. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.12.5.298-303
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