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Recent Advances in EN13757 Based Smart Grid Communication

Axel Sikora1, Peter Lehmann1, Naksit Anantalapochai2 , Martin Dold2, David Rahusen2, and Alexander Rohleder2
1.Laboratory Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics, University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, D77652 Offenburg, Germany
2.Steinbeis Transfer Center Embedded Design and Networking, D79423 Heitersheim, Germany
Abstract—The communication technologies for automatic meter reading (smart metering) and for energy production, distribution and consumption networks (smart grid) have the potential to be one of the first really highly scaled cyber-physical applications. Due to the characteristics of the energy market, which is multi-“media”, multi-utility, and multi-vendor on the different levels of the value chain, standards are of key importance to guarantee interoperability and seamless communication. For the European markets, the EN13757 M-Bus standard family has become the standard of choice. However, the standard family is very flexible and can be adapted to the various requirements. This paper shall give an overview on the existing variants. The recent and actual advances are described in more detail. All information is backed by the experience from a fully independent implementation of the EN131757-4 of the authors’ team.
Index Terms—Smart grid communication, local metrological network, wireless M‑Bus, EN13757

Cite: Axel Sikora, Peter Lehmann, Naksit Anantalapochai, Martin Dold, David Rahusen, Alexander Rohleder, "Recent Advances in EN13757 Based Smart Grid Communication," Journal of Communications, vol. 9, no. 9, pp. 658-664, 2014. Doi: 10.12720/jcm.9.9.658-664
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